Newsletter – Nr. 33 – 25th of September 2020 – Seniors

Important dates

Term 4                                   06 October – 2 December (closing date to be confirmed)

                                                Teachers return 05 October – 15 December

7 October                               School closes at 13h00 for all learners due to staff training.
8 October                               18h30 Grade 12 meeting with parents and Grade 12 learners
12 October                             17h00-19h00 – High School Parent Meetings
13 October                             17h00-19h00 – High School Parent Meetings


Newsletter – Nr. 33 – 25th of September 2020 – Juniors

We have come to the end of the third term. We are very proud of the Riverside students for settling in so well into the new routine at school. We want to wish you all a wonderful, well-deserved holiday. Stay safe during the holiday and we look forward to seeing all our students back at school in the fourth term.

We want to take this opportunity to thank Miss Crause for her time at Riverside College and the effort, love and devotion she has put into the learners and the school. We wish her well in all her future endeavors. We also bid Teacher Amber farewell. We hope that she finds her new situation to be stimulating and challenging. [read more]

Newsletter – Nr. 32 – 18th of September 2020 – Juniors

We are almost at the end of term 3 and I’m sure most of us can’t wait to have a well-deserved break. This whole year has been like none other before, but this term has definitely had its fair share of challenges. From starting off with e-learning, we made the gradual move back into the classrooms and we are so proud of how the learners met the challenge and adapted to the new rules that were set in place. As much as many of us enjoyed being at home, I think it was refreshing to come back to school, see our friends and start to feel a bit ‘normal’ again. As the assessments have officially ended hopefully the learners have worked hard and that it reflects in their results. I’m sure they have made their teachers, parents and themselves proud. [read more]

Newsletter – Nr. 32 – 18th of September 2020 – Seniors

A thought on endurance…


Pushing to the limits
And then a little more
Preparing for the challenge
That may still be in store

We may not anticipate
The toll that things will take
But this is the commitment
That we did choose to make

And so we keep on going
The challenge drives us on
We would do this anyway
Even when this time is passed

This example of endurance
Is the bar we chose to set
An ongoing reminder
That we aren’t quite there yet

by Robert Langley [read more]

Newsletter – Nr. 31 – 11th of September 2020 – Seniors


I had spent an hour in the bank with my dad, as he had to transfer some money. I could not resist the temptation and asked…

‘Dad, why don’t we activate your internet banking?’

‘Why would I want to do that?’ he asked…

‘Well so that you don’t need to spend hours here for something like a money transfer and then you can also do your shopping online!’

He asked, “If I do that, I won’t have to step out of the house?”

“Yes, yes”! I said. [read more]

Newsletter – Nr. 30 – 4th of September 2020 – Seniors

Thinking Outside of the Box

In a small Italian town, hundreds of years ago, a small business owner owed a large sum of money to a loan-shark. The loan-shark was a very old, unattractive looking guy that just so happened to fancy the business owner’s daughter.

He decided to offer the businessman a deal that would completely wipe out the debt he owed him. However, the catch was that we would only wipe out the debt if he could marry the businessman’s daughter. Needless to say, this proposal was met with a look of disgust. [read more]

Newsletter – Nr. 30 – 4th of September 2020 – Juniors

We are starting our assessments next week which also means the end of term 3 is near! So far we have all been coping well with the new way of doing things. We need to keep working hard until the end and now will be the time for each learner to show what they are capable of. Thank you to all the parents who are helping their children to keep up. Make sure to get enough rest and prepare well in advance for the upcoming test week. Good luck to everyone! [read more]

Newsletter – Nr. 29 – 28th of August 2020 – Juniors

Slowly but surely the learners are getting back into the swing of things and settling into their routines. They have thoroughly enjoyed being with their friends again, even though it has been from a distance. Humans are, by nature, social creatures and it is by being around others and sharing in every day’s trivialities with one another that we truly find strength in unity. [read more]


Newsletter – Nr. 29 – 28th of August 2020 – Seniors

Life is a series of things that happen. Some expected, others totally unexpected. To live life, you only have one choice concerning the things that happen to you and that is the choice of how you will respond to these things. It is much easier to respond in a negative way, because a large number of people actually spend all their time been negative! The challenge, thus, is to stay positive in a negative situation. The funny thing is that the positive people often irritate the negative ones, because they thrive on sulking.  Yes, there definitely are many reasons to be worried and negative. Especially in 2020. [read more]

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