27 March 2020 – Newsletter #11 – COVID-19 Lockdown!

We are in Day 1 of the National lockdown! Two deaths have been recorded in the WC and the CoronaVirus infections have risen to just over 1000. Many people find themselves in a state of fear and uncertainty, which is normal for the time we are living in, but this too shall pass and life as we knew it will return to a new normal.

We are not sure at this point of exactly how long the lockdown will last or if it will be extended past the 16th of April. What we do know is that as promised, Riverside College is ready to start rolling out the E-Learning initiative that has been put in place for the learners and teachers. After much deliberation we have decided to go with Microsoft Teams because it supports the platforms that we need in order to ensure that we can continue with our academic objectives in an efficient manner. [more]

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