Newsletter #29 – 06 September 2019 – Seniors

Our days are numbered. At this very moment, many thousands are born into the world, some destined to live only a few days or weeks, and then tragically succumb to illness or other misfortune.

Others are destined to push through to the century mark, perhaps even a bit beyond, and savour every taste life has to offer triumph, despair, joy, hatred, and love. We never know.

But whether we live a day or a century, a central question always remains: What is the purpose of our life? What makes our lives meaningful? [read more]

Newsletter #28 – 30 August 2019 – Juniors

We are coming closer to the assessments and the test series and some of the students are already feeling the pressure.

Just remember that you are in control of your own destiny and the choices you make. Study hard and always give your best.

We all believe in you!

“Believe in yourself and all that you are. Know that there is something inside you that is greater than any obstacle!” – Christian D Larso [more]

Newsletter #28 – 30 August 2019 – Seniors

The masks we wear…

We wear masks for many reasons, good and bad. We wear them to hide our identity, to become someone else for a little while. We wear them to have fun and play out our wildest fantasies of being a princess, a prince, a villain or even a monster.

The reality is, we all wear masks daily. We are one person at home, another person at school and yet another person around our family and friends. Do we even remember who the person behind the mask is?

Technology has also become another mask we use to hide behind, to protect ourselves and sometimes to impress others. We post happy pictures of our families and ourselves on Facebook/Instagram to give the illusion that all is perfect in our lives; when in fact many of the people who post these photos are actually suffering terribly, whether emotionally, physically or financially.

Still, the mask goes up and we portray happy… happy… smiling… smiling. We barely look up and notice others around us, eventually forgetting they even exist. Lift your head, notice what is right in front of you, another person in need of a smile, a beautiful tree with changing leaves, the sky, a new-born baby yawning… Life is not to be missed – it passes too quickly before us, pay attention! [more]

Newsletter #27 – 23 August 2019 – Seniors

Have you ever made a mistake in your life? Have you ever felt like a failure?

Well then, join the club!

There are many famous, successful people, who became famous and even rich, after making several mistakes.

Here are just a few examples:

J K Rowling, the well-known author of the Harry Potter books. She says:
“I had failed on an epic scale. An exceptionally short-lived marriage had imploded, and I was jobless, a single parent, and as poor as it is possible to be in modern Britain” Because she realised that she will have to provide for her children, she didn’t allow herself to dwell in her failure. She lifted her head, started writing and today her nett worth is estimated at an astounding $1 billion. [read more]

Newsletter #26 – 16 August 2019 – Seniors

The power of positive thinking

Robert Collier said that there is nothing on earth that you cannot have once you have mentally accepted the fact that you can have it. It is widely believed that achievement starts with the vision of success. What you are today and what you will achieve tomorrow depends a lot on your mental readiness to claim your future.

Your mind is your most powerful tool. Your thoughts are the starting point to what will most likely happen to you. The words that you speak compliment your thoughts. The most harmful believes that you have are your self - limiting believes. Accepting mediocre achievements will hold you back from the future you deserve. Words are like seeds. When you speak something out you give life to what you are saying. Your life will move in the direction of your words. Positive words will move your life in a positive direction. So too will negative words.

When you plant lemon seeds you will get lemons. You cannot plant a cactus and expect to get oranges. Your thoughts together with your effort will give you the outcome you deserve.

Soon, the matric class of 2019 will begin their Trial Exams. Positive thinking and hard work will result in you being successful. Remember that attitude determines altitude.

Mr Ortell

[read more]

Newsletter #25 – 09 August 2019 – Juniors

This week in assembly, Mrs Menton and the Grade 5 class taught us about having ‘self-control.’ They introduced this by creating an awesome rap and performance to show the learners.

Children with self-control have more success with their peers because they are able to resist peer pressure and solve problems successfully.

We encouraged the learners, when in a situation the best thing to do is firstly take deep breaths and secondly think about happy thoughts. [read more]

Newsletter #25 – 09 August 2019 – Seniors

We all remember the Golden Rule? “Treat others the way you want to be treated.”

This saying goes far beyond simply being kind to people, or going out of your way to help those in need. It's really more about adjusting your views and attitudes.

Instead of just: treating others the way you would want to be treated, thinking about others the way you would want to be thought of, feeling about others the way you would want others to feel about you and speaking to others the way you would want to be spoken to or spoken of, you need to adjust your views and your attitude.

You should focus less on punishing those who cross you and rather guide them into a better frame of mind. Teach them not only the error of their ways, but the error in their thinking. This is not about been condescending, or trying to convert anyone, but a way to understand how we get from thoughts to actions.

If someone believes he/she is doing the right thing by trying to control another person, or becomes invasive in a person’s life, first we need to try and understand how that person thinks his actions will get him the desired result.

Then we can help him evaluate the consequences and perhaps steer him towards choosing a better way to achieve his goals. [read more]

Newsletter #24 – 02 August 2019 – Seniors

It is said that success occurs when preparation meets opportunity. These opportunities will present themselves from time to time, but how are you treating yourself during the preparation phase? Are you giving yourself credit for the work and the energy that it takes to become more successful? This – being good to yourself, treating yourself with kindness and celebrating each step that you take forward – this is all part of the preparation and the ultimate success.

Simply having the determination to pursue your happiness, your goals and your dreams is a huge success in itself! It takes an incredible amount of courage to wake up every morning and to keep moving forward and motivating yourself to work towards the life that you have always imagined having. Please bear in mind that success is not the same for all people, so feeling successful has everything to do with how you define success. Is it about having more? More money, more recognition, more material items? Do you define your success by other people’s standards or opinions? [read more]

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