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We say NO to bullying 2

We say NO to bullying


Each year learners and teachers alike at Riverside College sign a manifesto against bullying.

I am not a bully!

I will RESPECT others and treat them in the way I would like to be treated.  I will show this in the manner in which I deal with them.

I will be PATIENT with others and help where needed as I respect the fact that we all do things at a different pace.

I will ACCEPT people as they are and I will not try to change them.

Keep your kids’ eyes healthy

September 21 marks the beginning of Eye Care Awareness Month. Riverside College situated in Burgundy Estate, Cape Town, has highlighted the importance of good eye care and health for children. Stressing the necessity of bi-annual visits to the optometrist, the pre-primary, primary and high school, has compiled some tips on how to get your kids’ eyes focused and on the ball.

“If your child’s vision is not up to the task, school work and everyday activities can be discouraging and frustrating,” says school principal of Riverside College, Dave Swart. “Your child’s eyes are their portal to learning, and so it is vital that they learn how to take care of their eyes and develop good eye habits from a young age.”

Good eyesight is possibly the most important school supply your child may need, Mr. Swart offers some tips to protect your child’s vision:

  1. Take notice – Encourage your kids to let you know of any changes in their vision. If your child isn’t much of a talker, look out for excessive rubbing, unusual head tilting, or if you notice them having to look very closely at things.
  2. Cover up – Protect your children’s eyes from the sun by getting them to wear a UV blocking hat when they go outside. Let them know that they should never look directly at the sun.
  3. Eat right – Encourage your kids to eat a healthy diet filled with lots of fresh fruits and vegetables. This will help their eyes to get the proper nutrients they need to function at their best.
  4. Exercise – An active lifestyle can help reduce the risk of developing a number of eye diseases. So, get the kids outdoors and moving on a regular basis!
  5. Digital detox – Prevent your child from holding digital devices too close to their eyes. The Harmon distance is a comfortable viewing distance – this is the distance from your chin to your elbow.  When looking at a television, mobile or computer screen for long periods of time, follow the 20-20-20 rule. Take a break every 20 minutes, for 20 seconds, by looking at something 20 feet away.
  6. Sleep right – kids should have at least eight hours of sleep each night to rest growing young bodies and eyes.

Riverside College Breaks New Ground

Riverside College, based in Burgundy Estate Plattekloof, has announced the start of construction on their new school building. Set for completion in 2018, the breaking ground event was attended by learners, staff, and school dignitaries.

riverside college breaks new groundWith several new developments currently under construction on Burgundy Estate and about 2 500 residential opportunities predicted to be rolled out over the next decade, construction of the new school premises is well-timed.

“Beyond providing quality private school tuition, our new school premises will provide ample ground to cater for all of our sporting and extramural activities.

We aim to accommodate between 800 to 1 200 learners across pre-primary, primary, and high school,” Founder and Director of Riverside College, Elana Edwards said.

Established in 2006, Riverside College’s holistic approach to education, together with its dedicated core of teachers has seen the school not only grow in numbers but in recognition as well.

The school has celebrated a 100% matric pass rate since their first group of matriculants wrote exams in 2013 and a number of their learners have received academic and sporting accolades.

“Children are our future. Our learners should be able to explore all possibilities and opportunities to ensure they have the best learning experience. The new school, the first of a chain of schools, will empower them with this opportunity,” Edwards said.

In line with environmental awareness, the school will be built using green building practices.  Admissions for 2018 enrolment are now open. For more information, contact the school on 021 802 2001 or email

We’ve done it!

Here are some images of our brand new school, contact us for new enrolments in our state of the are facility! Admissions for 2022 enrolment are now open. For more information, contact the school on 021 802 2001 or email

National Savings Month – Teach Your Teens To Save

July is National Savings Month. Encourage your teens to become super savers by giving them the confidence to handle their own money. This will not only empower them, but it should also take some of the financial stress off you (the parent) too.

“There is a huge gap in the education system when it comes to teaching children and teenagers how to manage their money,” says high school principal at Riverside College, Dave Swart. “If teens learn to use their money responsibly, it creates a culture of saving from a young age – this has a massive long-term benefit.”national savings month

Much like their avoidance of tackling a dirty pile of clothes stuffed under their beds, teens tend to put good sense when it comes to saving pretty low on their list of priorities. “A bit of encouragement and leading by example will go a long way in helping them to not only clean up after themselves but also partake in the culture of saving,” says Swart.

Teach your teens to reap the future benefits of saving responsibly. Swart offers some useful tips to help you inspire your teen to save.

  1. Start the conversation: Talk to your teen about how to spot the low prices while grocery shopping, this will teach them to be mindful of price tags and the general cost of living.
  2. Earn it: Whether it’s mowing the lawn or tutoring the kid next door, giving your teen some incentive to work and earn their own income, will encourage them to become money conscious.
  3. Put it away: Having a bank account and a place to put their savings, will give your teen a sense of accomplishment and some motivation to save.
  4. Budget it: Create a budget timeline with your teen so that they are conscious of their saving and spending.
  5. Set goals: Whether it’s a new set of headphones or a skateboard that they have their eye on, help your teen to set up a savings plan, so that they can reward themselves with the object of their desire.

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