Newsletter #28 – 30 August 2019 – Seniors

The masks we wear…

We wear masks for many reasons, good and bad. We wear them to hide our identity, to become someone else for a little while. We wear them to have fun and play out our wildest fantasies of being a princess, a prince, a villain or even a monster.

The reality is, we all wear masks daily. We are one person at home, another person at school and yet another person around our family and friends. Do we even remember who the person behind the mask is?

Technology has also become another mask we use to hide behind, to protect ourselves and sometimes to impress others. We post happy pictures of our families and ourselves on Facebook/Instagram to give the illusion that all is perfect in our lives; when in fact many of the people who post these photos are actually suffering terribly, whether emotionally, physically or financially.

Still, the mask goes up and we portray happy… happy… smiling… smiling. We barely look up and notice others around us, eventually forgetting they even exist. Lift your head, notice what is right in front of you, another person in need of a smile, a beautiful tree with changing leaves, the sky, a new-born baby yawning… Life is not to be missed – it passes too quickly before us, pay attention! [more]

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