Newsletter – N13 14 April 23 JNR & SNR

Junior Newsletter

Welcome back after a great holiday. We are extremely happy to have all the bright faces back at school. We hope that you are all well rested, and are ready for Term 2. Thank you for all your support during Term 1. We are very proud of all the learners and cannot wait to see what Term 2 has in store for us! We wish you a wonderful Term 2. May we continue to encourage our learners to work hard and strive to do their utmost best! Miss Booysens

Grade 3 News:

Wow… we had an amazing Term 1. All our learners did extremely well and their light illuminated throughout the school. Term 1 has taught our learners a lot and I am so proud to have them in my class! Every learner in the class has a special place in my heart and I cannot wait to see what they achieve this term. May we continue to grow together and keep encouraging our peers to grow with us!

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Senior Newsletter

In this week’s assembly, the following message was shared with the learners:


There is no elevator to success; you must take one step at a time. Success is usually achieved through long, sometimes tedious, and strenuous efforts. It is usually neither quick nor easy. We all have to work hard to achieve success. Mrs. C. Ellis

Mother and Daughter Event: PLEASE RSVP!

At Riverside College we like to create beautiful memories and this Mother’s Day will be no different.
We are planning a beautiful mothers & daughters (and grannies / aunts) experience, making vision boards. The year may be running full steam ahead already, but we can set new intentions and make fresh starts at any given time.

Cost: R400 for 1 / R780 for 2 / R995 for 3
Date: Saturday 06 May, 10:00 -15:00

What you get when you attend: A workshop offered by a certified practitioner, qualified to interpret your 9 sacred future focused areas on the vision board.

  • A guided meditation
  • All tools & materials provided
  • Refreshments & snacks

For bookings or more info e-mail:

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