Newsletter – N20 2 June 23 JNR & SNR

Junior Newsletter

Dear Parents,
With exam and assessments quickly approaching us, we might start feeling anxious and stressed. These are completely normal feelings to have when something so important is happening in our lives, but I want you to try your best and stay calm. You know the amount of work and time you putinto your academics during Term 2. We all know how the famous saying goes “Hard work pays off.” Remember to never give up because all of your hard work will pay off soon, and then you’ll be glad you didn’t quit! Good luck with the assessments – I know you can! – Miss Booysens

Grade 3 News:
The Grade 3 learners worked very hard to ensure that the Africa Day was a success. They learnt about the country Mali, and gained interesting knowledge. When I speak about the Grade 3 learners, I speak about them with absolute pride in my heart. They amaze me with their wonderful support towards their friends. We are like a small family in this class. I cannot wait to see them grow more and more. I am extremely proud of you! Please see our beautiful sculpture that the Grade 3 class made, in order to support Nicela Naudé.

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Senior Newsletter

Dear Parents,
With the exams upon us I would like to share a few tips that might assist you with preparing yourself for the exams that you will be writing in the next few days.

Tips for Studying:
1. Don’t leave your studies for the night before the exams.
2. Get Organized.
3. Don’t skip class before exams.
4. Take notes in class and listen to your teacher.
5. Talk to you teacher + ask questions.
6. Create a study plan & stick to it.
7. Do not just re-read, but study.
8. Set up a quiet study place.
9. Test yourself.
10.Find a study buddy.
11.Eat a balanced diet, such as brain foods.
12.Break up your study time with a physical activity.
13.It’s good to have a regular sleep pattern.
“. . . students who study late at night tend to get worse grades than those who study in the evening.” – Dr. Art Markham, Psychologist. J.Swart

Winter School:
Dear Parents, a letter was sent out on May the 30th with information about the winter school program. Please see the attached schedule for more details.

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