Riverside College Terms of Service


RIVERSIDE COLLEGE (hereinafter referred to as the College), is registered with the Department of Education, provides tuition in English and Afrikaans and is a Christian based educational facility.

  1. We hereby consent to the person in charge acting “in loco parentis” whilst the pupil attends the College or participates in any extra-mural activities of the College. Including, but not limited to, games, sporting activities, educational tours and excursions.
  2. We hereby indemnify, hold harmless and absolve the College, Trustees, Directors, Principals, Teachers, Staff, Employees or Agents against all or any loss, damages (direct or indirect, consequential or otherwise) or injury, expenses (including medical expenses), costs (including legal costs) suffered and/or incurred by the Pupil in or on the premises of the College or in the course of any co-curricular and extra-mural activities of the College, including, but not limited to games, sporting activities, educational tours and excursions or in consequence of any other act or omission of whatsoever nature and howsoever arising.
  3. We hereby give our consent for the Pupil to participate in all Co-Curricular activities organized by the College unless the College is otherwise notified, in writing. i.e. College Sport
    1. Extra-Murals are charged per quarter unless otherwise stated. Kindly refer to page 4, Section C.
    2. The full quarters’ fee will be charged in the event of a learner attending more than one lesson in a selected activity. Learners who commit to a specific activity will be billed for the full quarter.
  4. We agree that until such time as the payment of the Registration Fee (Registration Fees are non-refundable, however, refer to Clause 6) has been made the prospective Pupil will not enjoy the benefit of a secured place on the waiting list for enrolment at the College. Once a prospective Pupil physically takes up a place at the College, the Registration Fee becomes non-refundable.
  5. In the event that the prospective Pupil does not take up his/her place within the College for any reason whatsoever, the following conditions will apply:
    1. A cancellation penalty of 45% of the total Registration Fee will apply.
    2. If the College is provided with written notification of the cancellation of a prospective enrolment by the 30 September, the balance of the Registration Fee will be refunded to us at the end of the same year, failing which the balance of the Registration Fee will only be refunded at the end of the following year.
  6. Enrolment of the prospective Pupil will be conditional upon the satisfactory completion of all the relevant documentation prescribed by the College, that there is a place available for the prospective Pupil; that the prospective Pupil is of the correct age for the grade level applied for and that the Principal is satisfied that the prospective Pupil is academically and emotionally capable of entering at that level.
  7. We understand that all tuition fees are payable in advance unless alternative arrangements have been made with the Financial Manager.  We agree that notice of one College Quarter, given in writing, is required before moving our child from the College, failing which we will be liable for the payment of the following Quarters’ fees in lieu thereof.  We understand that refunds for absence due to holidays, illness or suspension from the College will not be made. In the event of the College instituting action against us for the payment of any amount due by us, we will be liable for all legal costs (including legal costs on the scale as between Attorney and own client) incurred for the recovery of such amounts. In the event of any fees being in arrears, the College will suspend the relevant Pupil from the College until all such arrears have been paid. Academic reports may only be issued to those learners whose fee payments are up to date at the end of every term.
  8. The College may terminate the enrolment of a learner if information requested, and provided, proves to be false, or if the Learner/Parent fails to comply with the rules of the College as set out in the Information Directory/ies (issued to each learner on enrolment, and at the start of each academic year) or the disciplinary committee of the College has recommended that the enrolment be terminated. Should the College elect for any reason to terminate this contract at the end of the term or earlier, (whichever the case may be) as a result of a violation of the Learner’s Code of Conduct then the parent / guardian will be informed in writing.
  9. Parents/guardians should make special note of additional costs as set out on page 4, which become payable upon enrolment and on request.
  10. “The parents/guardians give their consent for their child’s name, photo, and/or work to be reproduced in newsletters, newspapers, social media, Internet sites and other such publicity media regardless of the status of enrolment, current or not. They will not hold the College staff and their agents liable for any possible actions resulting from privacy or copyright issues.
  11. Every learner in our school is unique, their behavior and development will only be communicated with parents or guardians and relevant teachers – each incident or situation is treated with the utmost diplomacy and confidentiality for the benefit of the relevant learner(s). Parents / Guardians must also use proper communication channels if any issues arise. Any parent found to discuss / publish sensitive school matters on any social media platform instead of approaching the relevant staff members directly may be asked to remove his or her child(ren) from Riverside College without any further notice or discussion.


  1. The parents/guardians are advised to take adequate insurance to cover any loss or damage to any property of the learner of himself or herself, as the College does not accept liability for such loss. The parents/guardians are advised that cellular phones are not permitted on the school premises.
  2. Riverside College has indemnity cover in order for the College to maintain/continue its services as a place of learning in the event of a disruption of business (loss of gross revenue).

Jurisdiction and Costs

  1. The parents/guardians consent to the jurisdiction of the Magistrate’s Court Act No.32 of 1944, as amended, in the event of legal action arising out of this agreement.
  2. By our signatures hereto we agree to these terms and conditions and further acknowledge that we understand the Fee Structure and the Conditions of Registration Fee, together with the Terms and Conditions of Information Directory/ies. We further understand that the College reserves the right to amend the Terms and Conditions if and when required from time to time. Furthermore, both persons signing this form agree that they are jointly and severally liable for the settlement of the fees account and/or other charges and disbursements made in respect of the learner.
  3. I/We agree to abide by the Terms and Conditions as set out in this Application for Admission and in particular the Terms and Conditions as set out on Page 3 together with Fee Structure and Additional Costs as set out on Page 4 together with the rules set out in the Information Directory/ies.  We declare that I/We have not withheld any information from the College regarding the overall development or past history of the prospective pupil.
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