Newsletter – Nr.04 – 26th of February 2021 – Seniors

Michelle Obama’s advice to students is to build character and be persistent every day of their lives and never give up.  Regarding this point, she assures "if you are willing to go deeper, if you are willing to get up when you fall, if you are willing to work and dedicate yourself until your weakness turns into strength, then you will develop a set of skills that you can mould and apply to whatever situation you find," insists the former first lady of the United States.

The iconic figure shares one of her secrets:  She has never hired anyone for an outstanding career path, but for their human quality, which includes hard work, being trustworthy, and being open to new points of view.

All of these values are learned from parents and the communities in which we grew up.  For Michelle, what the world needs is resilience. [read more]

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