Newsletter #31 – 19 September 2019 – Juniors

Heritage Day is around the corner which is the time of year we celebrate who we are and where we come from. An important part of the culture we grow up in are the morals and values we learn from our elders. Children cannot be expected to develop good morals and values without a solid foundation from home. Children learn by watching, not by listening. Showing your children how to be moral through your actions and not your words will teach them to be moral people for the rest of their lives.


The Grade 5's have been hard at work last week with studying and tests. They have spent many long hours making sure that they achieve good results. During the test week, the Grade 5's have been working on a Natural Sciences and Technology practical - building their very own working car. Through the last few weeks of the term, wheels and axles were the topic of NST, and so the Grade 5's got to put their knowledge to the test. There were some very impressive designs and fun was had by all. [read more]

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