Newsletter – N15 28 April 23 JNR & SNR

Junior Newsletter

Dear Parents,
Our theme for the term is good manners and going back to basics. It is so important to always make
use of the good manners we were taught when we were young and instil these manners onto the
youth of today. We won’t always know what other people are going through, people all around us fight
battles everyday that we will never be made aware of. Therefore, it is our duty to treat everyone with
kindness and respect. How we make other people feel, says a lot more about ourselves than we might
think. I leave you with a quote by Maya Angelou, “I’ve learned that people will forget what you said,
people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”
Tarah van den Berg

Grade 5 News:
Thus far the Grade Fives have been adapting well to the term and I think we have all settled in well
to the school procedures again after our lovely holiday. This is a difficult term, but with the positive
attitudes and strong learners I see in my class, we are all ready and geared up to take Term 2 by

Stars of the week:
Gr. 00/R – All of them Gr. 4 – Georgina Gomes
Gr. 1 – Nsika Ncwane Gr. 5 – Patlesi Mathebula
Gr. 2 – Kelly Chen Gr. 6 – Misha Weber
Gr. 3 – Adam Bergstedt

Grade 12 Fundraising Events:
The Grade 12 class of 2023 has put together a list of fundraisers they would like to host for their matric
farewell. The cost is R20 per event.
• 5th of May Dress up as a teacher in the school.

Happy Birthday!
A very Happy Birthday to the following learners
who will be celebrating their birthdays this term.
• Molleen Chigwedere – 24 April
• Kelly Chen – 27 April
• Nokukhanya Ngidi – 28 Apri

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Senior Newsletter

Dear Parents, 28 April 2023
You know the old fable of the Tortoise and the Hare?
Once upon a time a tortoise and a hare had an argument about who was faster.
They decided to settle the argument with a race. They agreed on a route and started off their race.
The hare shot ahead and ran briskly for a long time. Then, seeing he was far ahead of the tortoise, he
thought he would sit down and rest for a while before continuing the race. He sat down under a tree and
fell fast asleep!
The tortoise, plodding along, soon overtook the hare and passed him, crossed the finish line, and won the
race.The hare woke up and realized he’d lost the race.
Most people will conclude that slow and steady win the race. However, when I read the story, I feel that
the real lesson is not about the tortoise at all, it’s about the hare.
The hare made a huge mistake, believing in its ability, but then not actually proving it. In real life, you may
have that great skill, one which everyone agrees that you have, but you must still showcase that skill to
win the competition.
Moral of the story: Success depends on you using your talents, and not just having them.
Ms. Eden

Mother and Daughter Event: PLEASE RSVP!
At Riverside College we like to create beautiful memories and this Mother’s Day will be no different.
We are planning a beautiful mothers & daughters (and grannies / aunts) experience, making vision boards.
The year may be running full steam ahead already, but we can set new intentions and make fresh starts
at any given time.
Cost: R400 for 1 / R780 for 2 / R995 for 3
Date: Saturday 13 May, 10:00 -15:00
What you get when you attend: A workshop offered by
a certified practitioner, qualified to interpret your 9
sacred future focused areas on the vision board.
*A guided meditation
*All tools & materials provided
*Refreshments & snacks
For bookings or more info e-mail:

Blazer Mondays:
A friendly reminder – All High School learners are
expected to wear their blazers to school on Monday mornings for their weekly assembly. We are cultivating
and entrenching the values and ethos of our school and in doing so this will be a compulsory requirement
henceforth. Please ensure that blazers are clean, marked with your child’s name and that all buttons are
sewn onto the blazer. Buttons are available in the office at R20 a button.
We look forward to seeing our learners looking smart and proud!

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