Newsletter – N17 12 May 23 JNR & SNR

Junior Newsletter

Dear Parents,
This week, our message was ‘A friend in need is a friend indeed.’ Let’s think about what that really means. When you find yourself in a time of need or a difficult situation, those friends that stand by you are your true friends. There are two parts I want to focus on and that is firstly, you must be careful in your choice of friends and not surround yourself with false friends that only want to be with you in the good times, but true friends that will stand by you through anything. The next part to focus on is that we cannot expect to find good friends for ourselves without being a good friend to someone else. So, we must make sure that we stand by our friends through all the hardships that they may face and support them whenever they need us. Teacher Gabby

Grade 000/R News:
The Grade 000-R’s had an awesome week learning all about ‘Fire’. We learnt about the dangers of fire, how to keep safe around fires and the role firefighters play. The Grade 000-R’s also role-played different scenarios such as ‘stop, drop and roll’ in case their clothes had to catch alight and they recited the fire department’s number and practiced calling them to say that there is a fire and gave them their full address. They also made some fire trucks using recyclable materials and fire caps.

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Senior Newsletter

Dear Parents, 12 May 2023

To be a mom.

A Mom will break her own heart in pieces and glue those pieces into your heart that is broken.
She will tie your hair patiently and run back to fetch your favorite toy, even if it makes her late. She will pull the feathers from her wings and lovingly add them to yours just to make sure that you can fly higher. She will use her last bit of energy at the end of a long day to wipe the tears from your sad face. I only realize now why Cinderella’s stepmom was so nasty and Mama Bear’s porridge was always cold. I only realize now why Snow white was alone in the woods and why Little Red Riding Hood’s granny so grey, old, and sick. Because the days of Motherhood were just too long and the years much too short. And many, yes, MANY days, a mom’s plate of food is left to get cold. Luckily there are silver linings, especially around much darker clouds, on days you need to see that silver lining the most. The reward of being a mom can be found in listening to the most precious of precious laughter of your child, sounding like water gently gurgling over smooth river stones. It is in the privilege of hearing a little human that you helped bring into this world, say: “Mama, I love you.” and you know it comes from their tiny heart. I believe that you only grasp the true value of a mom, the day you become a mom yourself. It is only then that you realize the power in a mom’s prayers. But let’s be honest – to have a mom and to be a mom, is the highest privilege anyone can be blessed with. Do something special for your mom this coming Mother’s Day, she truly deserves it!!!! Mr. C. Cronjé

Blazer Mondays:
A friendly reminder – All High School learners are expected to wear their blazers to school on Monday mornings for their weekly assembly. We are cultivating and entrenching the values and ethos of our school and in doing so this will be a compulsory requirement henceforth. Please ensure that blazers are clean, marked with your child’s name and that all buttons are sewn onto the blazer. Buttons are available in the office at R20 a button. We look forward to seeing our learners looking smart and proud!

Soccer Match this Saturday.
0/16 and 0/19 boys’ soccer teams will participate in a soccer match on Saturday, 13 May 2023 against
Oakland Academy. Please come and support the teams!

Extra lessons:
Please note that this service is free of charge and available to all learners.

Grade 12 extra lessons:
Extra classes for grade 12 will be from 14:00 – 16:00 on these days.

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