Newsletter – N25 12 August 22 JNR & SNR

Junior Newsletter

Women’s Day is a day that we celebrate it is a day that commemorates the 1956 march of 20,000 women
to the Union Buildings to petition the country’s pass laws. Today it draws attention to significant issues
that many women still face today. “Strong Women – may we raise them, may we know them, may we be
them. I am lucky to know many strong women – including you. Happy Women’s Day”

The Grade 000/00’s had a lovely and fun filled week last week. We learnt all about how many different
things sink and float when we put them in water. We had lots of fun learning! We have been doing make
and bake and science experiments for our minds to grow stronger and knowledge to be soaked up!

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Senior Newsletter

Four Lessons from the Philosophy of Stoicism:
Live Every Day As If It Were Your Last
Death doesn’t make life pointless, death makes life worth living. The world keeps spinning when you’re
gone and so many of us live life with an attitude which represents the arrogant thought that we are
destined to live forever.

Your life is in an hour glass and the hole which that sand is pouring through could widen or break at any
Failure Is Natural, Regret Is Foolish
Everything, no matter whether it is good or bad is an opportunity to practice virtue.
Don’t be surprised by failure, expect it, in fact, embrace it and seek after obstacles in your life which seem

It is here where your character will be tested and most importantly molded and developed.
The moment you start to regret something in the past you’re fundamentally acting against something
which is out of your control thus there’s no practical reward from doing so, only frustration and anger.
We should learn from the past and our failures, but to regret, to ponder and to revisit our previous attempts
and then look at present with disdain is a crime to your character.

Focus On The Small Things
One must never underestimate the small things in life, because who’s to say that the small things don’t
define the larger, more important parts of life? They do. Everything is worth paying attention to for all
experiences and outcomes in life are interlinked in the rational system we call the universe.
It’s easy to look at other people’s successes and pin them down to luck or good fortuna

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