Newsletter – N25 28 July 23 JNR & SNR

Junior Newsletter

Dear Parents, 28 July 2023
Our theme this term is “Looking after Number 1”. This means that we, as individuals also need to look out for our own well-being at times, this is a hard thing to do. We always find time to help everyone else in our lives be it are children, parents, friends or colleagues but never for ourselves. We are just as important as our family and friends and need to take the time to look after our mental, physical and spiritual well-being. So this term, take a few hours for yourself. Take a walk, start that hobby and never be afraid to talk to someone when you need to.
“Wellness is the art of living a fulfilling, rewarding and balanced life.” Dr Tommy Weir Miss Barton

Grade 1 News:
The Grade 1’s have enjoyed their first week back at school. All were eager to get back to work and learn some new concepts. During Phonics, they enjoyed learning new words using the Jolly Phonics approach. They also played a game called “Guess the word” using charades. I hope they keep up their enthusiasm and eagerness to learn this term!

Other news:
Winter accessories:
We understand that keeping warm is important during the winter months. However, we ask that you please keep in mind our school colours when choosing winter accessories. To ensure that our learners maintain a uniform appearance, the following items are permitted:

– White or maroon scarves. (Black is not a part of our school colours.)
– No beanies.
Also, kindly keep to white or flesh toned undergarments and not coloured T-shirts. As well as socks
– any other colour sock must be worn underneath the grey socks and must not stick out in any way.
We do understand that it is cold, but please adhere to the school rules regarding our uniform.

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Senior Newsletter

Dear Parents,
We have made it halfway through 2023! Not too long ago, our lives were consumed by curfews, masks and mass chaos. Life looks very different now. As time passes so quickly, we must stop and appreciate the things we have and the people we hold closest to us.

This week’s letter is a little more light-hearted than usual. Too often we get caught up in the hustle and bustle of everyday life, but what if we made a conscious effort to connect with those we love and be happy?

Upcoming Olympiads:
We would like to remind all learners about the following upcoming Olympiads that will be written during the course of the next few weeks:
• Proverto Business Olympiad – Round Two: Wednesday, 2 August
• Conquesta Olympiads: from Monday, 7 August to Monday, 21 August.
• Mathematics Olympiad – Grade 7 to 9: Wednesday, 30 August and Thursday, 31 August.

Learners must be sure to check the dates of the Olympiads on the bulletin board.

Parent Meetings:
Thank you to each and every parent who made the effort and took the time to join us for the parent meetings that were held this past week. Even though it is bitterly cold to have to come out in the evenings these meetings are a vital part of your child’s academic success and the only way to keep in touch with the educators that are teaching and supporting your child at school. Emails and telephone calls don’t always convey the messages that a face to face meeting does and in order for your child to have the full benefit of his academic journey these meetings are important. Please do not hesitate to contact our teachers or our principal if there is anything that you need assistance with regarding your child’s academic performance and wellbeing.

Grade 12 Prelim Examinations:
The Departmental dates have been confirmed and the Grade 12 timetables have been drawn up accordingly. It is a tough timetable and we must ask that you keep on top of what is expected of your grade 12 child. Please be mindful when planning outings, family trips, holidays and other events that might take your child away from his/her studies for an extended period. Our grade 12 learners have a very busy schedule covering the next few weeks leading up to the start of their final exams. I have included important exam dates below for easy reference, and to give you an idea of how little time we have left before we sit for our final NSC exams.

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