Newsletter – N35 28 October 22 JNR & SNR

Junior Newsletter

“Share our similarities, celebrate our differences.” – M. Scott Peck
This week in assembly, Mrs Boake had a lovely message for all the boys and girls about accepting and
embracing our differences. The message reminds us that we should not only be acknowledging and
accepting of our strengths but our weaknesses too! It is important that one does not compare our
shortcomings to the assets of others but rather appreciate what makes you unique and different.
Accepting each person’s uniqueness is the key to understanding that we are equal and that your
differences are in fact what bind us together in this diverse world. – Miss Dos Reis

Grade 3 News
After a fun-filled and jam-packed past week, filled with different events, the Grade 3’s have blown me
away with their ability to get right back into the swing of things. They have shown amazing work ethic in
all they produced this week. The Grade 3’s have been learning all about Natural Disasters this week in
Life Skills. We had great fun in Creative Arts when we made our own fires using paper tearing and sticking.
Well Done to all the Grade 3 boys and girls!

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Senior Newsletter

Please ensure that when you drop your child off in the morning
that they do enter the premises. We cannot be responsible for
learners who walk around in the mornings or afternoons outside
of the school.

Final NSC Exams:
On the 25th of October our matric learners started with their
official year end/final exams. Our school is now in lockdown
mode for the duration of the NSC exams. To safeguard the
integrity of our examinations and the safety of our learners and
teachers no parents or visitors will be allowed onto the premises.
The rules NSC exams are very strict and we ask that parents
make them aware of these rules so that they can assist and
support their children during this time.
• Please remember that the matric learners need to be at
school a minimum of 30min before the start of an exam
session and will not be allowed to leave until the end of the
session – regardless of if they finish writing before the end.
• Learners are responsible to bring all the stationary that they
will need to school as no borrowing will be allowed.

Learners need to be in full school uniform and comply with all the normal code of conduct rules and regulations.
• Please inform the office if your child is going to be late for his/her NSC exam as there are very strict
rules regarding late coming and absence.
• Please collect your child as soon as possible after an exam so that they do not need to wait alone
outside the school.
We would like to wish our matric class of 2022 all the best with their upcoming examinations!!

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