Newsletter – N38 18 November 22 JNR & SNR

Junior Newsletter

Dear Parents,

The time has come for the assessments to start. It is a stressful time for the learners, parents as well as the teachers. However, with the exams and assessments happening, it means that we are also getting closer to the December holidays! We are all looking forward to this break, but we first need to push ourselves through the next few weeks. I would like to encourage everyone, especially our learners, to keep working towards their goals until the very last day. Stay strong everybody!

Grade 6 News

The Grade 6’s are nearing the end of their Primary School career. Last week, they were taken on a short tour through the High School side and met some of their teachers for 2023. They are very excited for this new chapter, yet a bit nervous. I know that they will still do great and have a wonderful time. It has really been a pleasure to teach them this year. I wish them all the best for their final exam. Good luck Grade 6’s!

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Senior Newsletter

Dear parents,                                                                                                   

With exams now in full swing and learners now committed to achieving their best it is important to know the role that you play in their success. For learners to get the most out of their study sessions they will require a stable environment where they can focus on their work and its content and you as the parent can help provide that to them, but how can you do that?

There are many aspects that form part of a good learning environment such as:

– Opening windows and allowing for good air circulation.

– Providing them with good, nutritious meals to fuel their body and mind.

– Ensuring that there are minimal distractions in and around your child’s studying location.

– Have good lighting.

– Make use of comfortable furniture.

– Ensure that the environment is clean and organized.

At the end of the day parents want what is best for their child and these few minor changes could give your child the extra edge that they may require during the following exam period while also helping to promote healthy study methods which will be used during future exam sessions.

Newsletter – N38 18 November 22 JNR & SNR 1

Riverside College is excited to announce that we will be launching an e-sports league in 2023. E-sports is a lucrative and competitive industry with teams competing across the globe, filling stadiums with their annual tournaments.

To participate learners will need parental consent and any learner from grade 7 to grade 11 may join the league.

Please call the office for more info or refer to the pamphlet that was handed out to learners on Thursday.

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