Newsletter – N4 03 February 23 JNR & SNR

Junior Newsletter

Dear Parents,
With our theme for this year being “Reach for the Stars”, each week we try to encourage our learners to
realise their own strengths and abilities. Together we are exploring ways of helping one another shine
even brighter than we already are. Teacher Gabby spoke about the Winter solstice in assembly when the
South Pole is tilted furthest away from the sun, and how this results in the shortest day and the longest
night of the year. In the Southern Hemisphere this occurs around June. Even in the darkest of times, you
can still see the stars in the night sky, and this represents hope for all who find themselves in darkness.
Miss Steyn

Grade 2 News:
The Grade 2’s have enjoyed so many new experiences these past few weeks. While getting used to their
new teacher, the new work and the new environment they find themselves in, they are all very excited
about learning new concepts and the experiences that go along with that. I look forward to watching them
grow, achieve their goals, and reach for the stars. I am already so proud of them!

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Senior Newsletter

Dear parents
There are a few very exciting events coming up over the next few weeks and we would like to
encourage our learners and parents to support these events! First and foremost, our learners will be
taking part in the interschools athletics that is hosted every year. They have been training for this
event since the beginning of the school year and they need us to support them in showing the other
schools that we have the talent, the speed and the strength to compete and to win.

Special events:
Blazer Mondays:
As of Monday, 6 February all High School children will be expected to wear their blazer to school,
specifically for Assembly. We would like to add to the ethos of our school assemblies, and this will
now be compulsory on a Monday. Please ensure that the blazer is correctly marked with your child’s
name and that all buttons are sewn on to the blazer. We look forward to seeing very smart children!

On February 10, 2023, we will attend the interschool at Swartland High in Malmesbury. Please take
note that there is a R140 charge per learner for this compulsory event. Learners will be representing
our school. This is a great opportunity for them to compete and show their talent.
• DATE: 10 FEBRUARY 2023
• VENUE: SWARTLAND HIGH SCHOOL (Dirkie Uys & Barocca Street), Malmesbury.
• DEPARTURE: 06:00 from Riverside College or 5:30 from Table View to Riverside.• RETURN: The estimate time of arrival back at Riverside College is 16:15.
• DRESS CODE: Students must be dressed in their school uniform on arrival and those who will
be taking part in events will then change into their sports uniform after the opening ceremony.
Please ensure that your child has the correct formal and sport uniform and is neat and
presentable on the day.
Extra classes:
Please take note that extra classes have commenced for high school learners. Please make sure
that your child uses this valuable resource to meet their academic goals

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