Newsletter – N9 10 March 23 JNR & SNR

Junior Newsletter 

Dear Parents,
As assessments draw closer, let us try and encourage the children to learn their absolute best so that
they can do well in their assessments. Each and every single one of them is a star and have the ability
to reach their full potential. Let us help them to get there and be the brightest star that they can be.
Good Luck to each and every one of them for their upcoming assessments! You can do it!
Teacher Cayla

Grade 000/00 News:
This term has been so much fun, and the children have learnt so many new skills. We have been
doing exciting activities like make and bake and science experiments and their favourite part has been
making and learning their letters using playdough. They shine their brightest lights on each other and
help their friends in every possible way that they can. I am so proud of each one of them. I can’t wait
to see what the rest of the year brings.

Colour Fun Run and Twilight Market:
Thank you to everyone that supported our Colour Fun Run in aid of Iris House on Friday evening, it
was great fun!

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Senior Newsletter

The impact of AI (Artificial Intelligence) on the future
Artificial Intelligence (AI) is one of the fastest-growing technologies that has the potential to transform
various sectors of society. AI refers to the development of computer systems that can perform tasks
that typically require human intelligence, such as learning, problem-solving, perception, decision
making, and natural language processing. The impact of AI on the future is vast and significant,
affecting various areas such as employment, healthcare, education, transportation, and security.

One of the most significant impacts of AI is its potential to disrupt the job market. AI can automate
various repetitive tasks, leading to job displacement in many industries. However, AI can also create
new job opportunities that require skills such as data analysis, machine learning, and programming.
The shift in job requirements may require individuals to acquire new skills and knowledge to remain
competitive in the job market.
In healthcare, AI has the potential to revolutionize the way medical diagnosis, treatment, and research
are conducted. AI can analyse vast amounts of patient data and medical records to develop more
accurate diagnoses and personalized treatment plans. AI can also improve drug discovery and clinical
trial processes, potentially accelerating the development of new treatments for diseases.

In education, AI can provide personalized learning experiences for students based on their learning
styles, abilities, and preferences. AI-powered systems can also help teachers assess student
progress and provide personalized feedback, improving the overall quality of education.
In transportation, AI can enhance road safety and reduce traffic congestion. Self-driving cars and
trucks have the potential to reduce accidents caused by human error and improve the efficiency of
logistics and transportation systems.

Lastly, AI can also be used to improve national security and combat terrorism. AI can analyse vast
amounts of data from various sources, including social media and surveillance footage, to detect and
prevent potential security threats.
In conclusion, the impact of AI on the future is significant and far-reaching. While AI has the potential
to disrupt various industries and job markets, it also has the potential to improve our lives and solve
some of society’s most significant challenges. As AI technology continues to evolve, it is essential to
ensure that it is developed and used ethically, responsibly, and with the best interests of society in

Colour Fun Run and Twilight Market:
Thank you to everyone that supported our Colour Fun Run in aid of Iris House on Friday evening, it
was great fun!

Blazer Mondays:
A friendly reminder – All High School learners are expected to wear their blazers to school on Monday
mornings for their weekly assembly. We are cultivating and entrenching the values and ethos of our
school and in doing so this will be a compulsory requirement henceforth. Please ensure that blazers
are clean, marked with your child’s name and that all buttons are sewn onto the blazer. We look
forward to seeing our learners looking smart and proud!

Extra murals and extra lessons:
All extra lessons, extra murals and cultural activities end on Friday, 10 March.

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