Newsletter – Nr.11 – 23 April 2021 – Seniors

I challenge you to commit…” A Random Act of Kindness” once a day, at least.  An act of Kindness can change a person’s whole world depending on their state of mind.  Here are some practical examples:  Smile or greet one person you do not know, help someone cross the road, pay for someone’s groceries, buy the person behind you in the queue a sweet or chocolate.  Tell someone at your place of work to have a fabulous day (and mean it).  Acts of Kindness become infectious.  It might even possibly change your mood for the day.  You automatically become more positive.

Start with being grateful for waking up and take it from there. Positivity begets positivity.  AND, don’t give up.  Keep committing a “Random Act of Kindness” every day for 21 days in a row and it will surely become a habit.  I hope you are feeling more positive after reading this [read more]

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