Newsletter – Nr.17 – 4 June 2021 – Seniors

Today’s message is for ALL. Learners, parents as well as staff. Sometimes we just need a reminder that fear is something we all encounter, we can get through it, we can succeed, and we can do it!

Be ready to come out of your comfort zone!

What holds us back from our goals is fear. It is common among us. When too much fear gets in the way we end up doing nothing. Fear stems from the lack of confidence and irrational thinking. You must understand that fear of what “might” come out down the track does not increase your chances at succeeding. Sometimes we are afraid to take risks because we think the odds are against us. We become so consumed by fear to the degree that we become irrational. To break out of your comfort zone is to have courage. Courage, you must remember, is not the absence of fear but acting despite your fears. While we cannot dismiss fear totally, we can increase our chances of “winning” by being rational in dealing with our circumstances as they are in the present moment. [read more]

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