Newsletter – Nr.24 – 24 July 2020 – Seniors

Like the similar phrase of “if life gives you lemons, make lemonade”, the meaning of “when nothing goes right, go left” is that, if you find yourself in a situation in life that you don’t like (i.e., when nothing goes right), then turn it on its head (i.e., go left)! It could be like the lemonade example, in that you actually turn the negative in to a positive, or it could be that you change things drastically and switch things up.

Let’s say that you keep applying for jobs online and don’t seem to be getting any responses, could you switch things up and apply in person where most people don’t? Or if you just can’t seem to get that promotion you really want and you really need some more cash, could you start a side business that makes you some extra money per month? [read more]

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