Newsletter – Nr. 28 – 21st of August 2020 – Seniors

Be not bowed down by self-concern, so that you miss all the wonders in life. Dwell on all the beauty and wonders in life. Go about with your eyes wide open and appreciate the beauty around you. Take one day at a time and appreciate that day to the full. Let every moment be filled with love and thanksgiving. When anything comes up which is inharmonious, look around quickly and see how it can be exchanged for something which is harmonious.

Do it quickly because negative and detrimental thoughts can grow as fast as weeds in a garden and choke all beautiful and delicate plants if they are allowed to take control. Learn to control your thoughts so they are only ones of beauty, harmony and love. Once your positive thoughts have been well established, you will automatically look for the very best in every situation. Only then can you relax, let go and enter the joy and freedom of the Spirit.  (Eileen Caddy) [read more]

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