Newsletter – Nr. 35 – 16th of October 2020 – Seniors

In assembly on Monday, I shared some knowledge about the RAS with the learners that I discovered many years ago.  The (RAS) Reticular Activating System is a network of neurons located in the brain stem that project anteriorly to the hypothalamus to mediate behavior, as well as both posteriorly to the thalamus.

The reticular activating system is the part of the brain that maintains the sleep/wake cycle. Any damage to this region can cause hypersomnolence and drowsiness.

It’s the part of the brain that accepts everything without question.  So, the last thing that you tell yourself or that your brain has just heard, it believes to be true.  If you tell yourself for example “I am always late”, guess what……. You will always be late!!!  Conversely, if you tell yourself “I am always early or on time, then you will be early or on time. [read more]

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