Riverside College 2023 2nd Term Dates

To download a printable pdf click here 

Date Day Event
11-Apr Tuesday Teachers start
12-Apr Wednesday Term 2 start
12-Apr Wednesday Primary school parent meetings
13-Apr Thursday High School parent meetings
14-Apr Friday Gr 10 Cake sale
15-Apr Saturday Open day
22-Apr Saturday Sport day / interschools
26 - 27 April We - Th Midterm
05-May Friday Gr 9 Cake sale
06-May Saturday Mother & Daughter event
13-May Saturday Open day
17-May Wednesday Bible Breakfast
25-May Thursday Africa Day
26-May Friday Art Auction
31-May Wednesday Exams start
02-Jun Friday Gr 7+8 Cake sale
19-Jun Monday Exams end
21-Jun Wednesday Term 2 end


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