Teach kids to be road smart  

May is Global Youth Traffic Safety Month. Whether it’s crossing a pedestrian crossing at school or walking through a parking lot – the sooner children learn how to navigate roads safely the better.

Based in Burgundy Estate in Cape Town, Riverside College launched their Road Safety Campaign which focused on educating learners around the rules of the road. Various activities were carried out in real traffic environments through guided walks and traffic simulations.

“Children learn by experience, and road safety skills are best learnt through real life circumstances, under supervision and guidance of parents and teachers,” says Riverside College’s vice principal Madelein Luttig. “Equipping children with the knowledge and understanding of how the road works is an essential life skill.”

Mrs Luttig, together with the learners at Riverside College, put together some handy road wise tips:

  1. Know the signs and signals: Ensure you know what the various road signs and lights mean. Test your knowledge on the drive or walk home from school.
  2. Stop, look and cross: Stop and then look left and right to make sure that there are no on-coming vehicles before crossing.
  3. Zebra crossings: The only place you should cross the road is at a pedestrian crossing. Make this a habit!
  4. Slow it down: Don’t run, always walk where there is traffic to ensure your safety.
  5. Watch out: When walking in car parks, be extra careful, drivers might not see you. Always be on the look-out for reversing lights and moving vehicles.




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