Weekly newsletter 15 June – Juniors

Dear Parents,

Even though a report is a reflection on what a learner has achieved, please take in mind, that those marks are not a reflection on what he/she will achieve one day. With Albert Einstein not getting accepted for high school, J.K. Rowling not at University and Steven Spielberg not at film school (all because they grades were too low). That did not terminate their dreams to success! Even Michael Jordan wasn’t chosen for his university’s basketball team, and Oprah Winfrey was fired at her job as she was “unfit for television”. Please support your child, regardless of his/her report, as greatness does not depend on a school report!

A note from the vice principal, Madelein Luttig

When our goal is to instill positive traits in our children, we often don’t want to rely on material rewards. If you are like me, I want my son to do the right thing because it’s the right thing. I don’t want him to go through life with a what’s-in-it-for-me attitude. In some cases, like performing household chores, it can be appropriate to offer pocket money rewards. It’s important for our children to learn that to earn money, you must work and fulfill your obligations. However, I also want my son to learn that there are many things in life that can bring us joy that has nothing to do with money. Relationships, freedom and self-care provide many benefits that can not be purchased. Here are a few ideas that you could use. A reward coupon for kids, a reward jar or a daily routine sticker chart all great ideas. Here are some ideas of things that could be printed or written on your coupons: A sleepover party for up to 3 friends, staying up 30 minutes past bed time, Dinner of your choice, Movie night-you pick the movie, getting out of one chore, Building a blanket fort, Game night or maybe a Pajama Day!

These will make it just that little bit easier to reinforce good behaviour.

Enjoy your weekend.

Primary School Staff

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