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Dear Parents,

Sometimes we feel discouraged in our day to day lies. We often feel that we will not be able to meet a deadline, feel ready for an exam or in our social lives. We forget that we, ourselves are powerful beings and just believing in yourself and your abilities can ultimately change our way of thinking about ourselves. “A bird sitting on a tree is never afraid of the branch breaking, because her trust is not on the branch but on its own wings. Always believe in yourself! “– The Minds Journal

Obligations rob us of our playfulness, being silly with our kids when the opportunity presents itself is wonderful, but how many times do we ignore or push off those chances? During this week, I saw a dad drop off his son for school, they had a special handshake and it made me think that we should all grab a chance to be playful and meaningful with our young children, as they grow up so quickly. Play does not just benefit our children, it benefits us as

A note from the vice principal, Madelein Luttig

well. Being silly helps relieve stress and resets priorities when they are not in focus. Experts advice setting time a side almost daily to play with our children. Here are some ideas on things you might want to do with your child: 1. Grab ice cream or a special treat, my own son loves, when I pick him up, after school, and I just say to him: “Let’s go for milkshake!” It is a special time, for the two of us, to talk and not to think about homework or chores. 2. Go for a walk together 3. Tickle your children 4. Have a dance party. 5 Take silly selfies 6. Play hide and seek 7. Play chase in the garden or a park 8. Have a picnic. 9. Colour with sidewalk chalk 10. Go on a bike ride. The list could go on! These activities do not break the bank, however the bond that they create between parent and child, will last a life time.


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