Weekly newsletter 09 Nov – Juniors

Dear Parents,

This week in assembly we listened to a very good story that taught us an important lesson about telling the truth. It is closely related to ‘the boy who cried wolf.’ We learned that we should never tell lies or make up stories to prevent getting into trouble. Rather tell the truth if you are guilty of something, because lying might get you into bigger trouble in the end. Remember, honesty is the best policy.

Newsletter #38 9 Nov 18 JNRS

Weekly newsletter 09 Nov – Seniors

Dear Parents,

We would like to congratulate Ronan Janeiro (Grade 8) who participated in a swimming Gala at Freda Barnard in Oudtshoorn from 2 – 4 Nov 2018. He received two silver medals for IM and Free-style.

Personal development is much like a rubber band. It can stretch us, it can propel us to distances we could not imagine, or it can snap back and bite us, leaving us limp and tongue tied.

Have you ever tried to take on a new habit? Have you ever said to yourself,”I’m going to go on a new fitness regime, and I’m going to buy this Ab machine and workout every day for 3 months until I have 6 pack abs”. After a week or two you no longer use it, and you must put up with its hurtful evil glares as you pass by it in the living room, until one day in a KFC induced frenzy of guilt and procrastination you are forced to do the only sane thing left to do… to put it away in the closet or the garage.

Have you ever tried to stretch yourself and do something a bit crazy? Have you ever tried to learn a new language, or simply create an Impossible List?

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Newsletter #38 09 Nov 18 SNRS NT

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