06 March 2020 – Newsletter #08 – Juniors

This week all the Primary School learners have been exercising their brains doing revision for the upcoming tests next week. Revision of work is essential as it enables learners to practice the work that they have learnt, giving them an accurate picture of their strengths and weaknesses. It is important that we as parents and educators need to work together to help the learners achieve the best that they can. Learners, always remember: school is tough, but so are you!

06 March 2020 – Newsletter #08 – Juniors 1


This week the Grade 5's have been working hard on revision activities for the upcoming tests next week. We finished Mathematics off with some work on capacity and volume. The Grade 5's used their guessing techniques to try to estimate the capacity of various food products, as well as putting their measuring skills to the test. [read more]


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