Newsletter – N16 05 May 23 JNR & SNR

Junior Newsletter

Dear Parents,
We hope that everyone had a lovely rest over the mid-term break. During this break we celebrated
two important holidays: Freedom Day and Worker’s Day. These two days are closely related to the
rights of South Africans as we celebrate having the right to vote and having rights in the workplace.
Even though these are more applicable to adults, our children should be taught what these rights
mean. More importantly, children need to understand that with rights come responsibility. We as
adults should set the example on how we need to use our rights responsibly, so that we can raise our
children to become responsible young citizens of our country and to make good decisions.
Miss Rossouw

Grade 6 News:
The Grade sixes started off the term with great enthusiasm and jumped right into the swing of things.
They have been hard at work especially in Natural Sciences and Technology. They are busy with a
lot of practical activities in class and at the same time learning to work as a group. They really make
me proud, and I can see the growth in each of them. I hope their enthusiasm continues and that they
keep working hard. Have a great Term 2!

Freedom Day Celebrations
In honour of Freedom Day that took place on the 27th of April, the Primary and High School learners
got the chance to experience their own voting day. The learners spent the morning voting for the most
popular movie. The Gr 000-R class voted for their Make and Bake activity and the Grade 1 class
voted for a fun educational activity to do at the end of the term. They received ballots to mark their
choice and the traditional mark was made on their thumb to show they have voted. These were the

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Senior Newsletter

Dear Parents
Every single one of us would have come across the importance of discipline at some point or other in our
lives, and how important it is to obey instructions and follow rules! But, have we ever thought about ‘selfdiscipline’? Google defines the term ‘self-discipline’ to be “the ability to control one’s feelings and
overcome one’s weaknesses.” Thus, self-discipline is also to obey rules and commands but not from a
position of superiority.
Where do we first learn discipline? Well, at school. From a young age, children go to school not just for
education but also to learn about how to be a decent and kind human being. And to be a decent and kind
human being, you need to be disciplined. Our parents do help us in the process, but we learn such things
mostly at school, from our teachers and elders.
Self-discipline is essential for all humans. Because self-discipline aims at promoting better mental and
physical health. To have better mental and physical health, you need to make better life choices.
We need to wake up early, have a routine, follow that routine, and sleep early. We need to work hard and
be proud of what we have become. Taking breaks occasionally is okay. Just be happy, and do it for
yourself. Not just to make others proud, you need to have self-discipline for your benefit. In the end, you
would want to be happy and lead a fit and joyous life.

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