Newsletter – N19 26 May 23 JNR & SNR

Junior Newsletter

Dear Parents,
This week, Miss van den Berg taught our learners a very valuable lesson; “Honesty is the best policy”. This quality is not just a great trait to have but can also save learners from being in more trouble by not telling the truth. As the saying goes: “The truth will set you free”. Covering for someone or lying for them, does not necessarily make you a better friend or person. By telling the truth, you could have the opportunity to be an example for others. Honesty truly is the best policy. – Miss Steyn

Grade 2 News:
The Grade 2’s has had a very interesting couple of weeks. They had their amazing visit to the Ostrich farm, they did some oral presentations and, of course, learnt a great deal along the way. I think I speak for all the Grade 2’s when I say, the highlight of the past couple of weeks must be the Ostrich farm. The got the opportunity to pet some baby Ostriches and even feed them. They learnt about the smallest ostrich in the world, and some were even bold enough to sit on an ostrich. I look forward to the great adventures we will embark on in the future!

Stars of the Week:
Grade 000/R Azrah Tasriet Grade 4 Ria Ramaya
Grade 1 Khanya Ngidi Grade 5 Aqhamile Bonongo
Grade 2 Aarhan Beharilal Grade 6 Maison Viljoen

Other news:
Thank you. A big Thank you to all our parents that donated/made/cooked for the Africa Day Food Fair and Art Auction. We could not have done it without you.

Cross Country
On the 12th of May, our learners ran at Blouberg Ridge Primary, and they did very well despite the very windy circumstances. Competing against approximately 70 – 100 learners per age group. Here is where our learners placed.
Blake Lawrence – 3rd   Cecile Dongmo – 55th
Ria Ramaya – 21st         Kelly Vicente – 59th
Inam Mpengesi – 47th  Tristan Williams – 75th

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Senior Newsletter

Dear Parents,
Recently I re-watched one of my favourite films of all time – Mulan (the animated version with the talking dragon, of course). As I was watching the film (as an almost 30-year-old woman), I was struck by the true meaning of the story: Mulan’s father was too old and frail to fight in the war against the enemy, and Mulan chose to sacrifice the life she had to protect him and honour her family. Courage, strength and sacrifice: this would be her new legacy. I reflected on my own relationship with my father. He came from less than stellar circumstances, yet he actively chose to create a better life for our family. As a child, I never fully understood why he would work until late hours of the night or why he could not watch our favourite TV show with me because he had to work. He was building his own legacy; he was building something for us as a family. A legacy is the long-lasting impact a particular event or decision has on those who come after us. Mulan chose to create a legacy of bravery, and my father chose to cultivate a legacy of sacrifice in order to put me in a position of success and peace. You are capable of creating the legacy you will leave behind. The choices you make now, will impact yourself and those you will inevitably leave behind. Ask yourself: What will I leave behind? What will my legacy be? Ms. M. Scheepers

Blazer Mondays:
A friendly reminder – All High School learners are expected to wear their blazers to school on Monday mornings for their weekly assembly. We are cultivating and entrenching the values and ethos of our school and in doing so this will be a compulsory requirement henceforth. Please ensure that blazers are clean, marked with your child’s name and that all buttons are sewn onto the blazer. Buttons are available in the office at R20 a button. We look forward to seeing our learners looking smart and proud!

Extra lessons:
Extra lessons for this term will end on the 26 of May 2023.

Grade 12 Fundraising Events:
The Grade 12 class of 2023 has put together a list of fundraisers they would like to host for their matric farewell. The cost is R20 per event.

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