Newsletter – N2 20 January 23 JNR & SNR

Junior Newsletter 

Dear Parents,
It has been an eventful yet wonderful start to the year. Learners have adjusted beautifully and are
forming meaningful relationships with their peers. You can definitely feel the Riverside spirit in the air
this term. We are all ready and eager to commence the new school year with optimism and pride.
– Teacher Gabby (Gr R)

Grade R News:
The Grade Rs have adjusted beautifully and have been super excited to get the year started! They have
been busy these past few days, from getting to know one another, to painting and dancing. The energy
and fun never ends in our class! I am looking forward to seeing the Grade Rs grow as individuals but
most excited to see how they break out of their shell and reach their full potential.

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Senior Newsletter 

Dear parents,
A man needed to take a wheelbarrow to the top of a mountain. As there were no roads, he had to
push the wheelbarrow up a narrow path. Along the way he saw a big rock in the middle of the path.
He decided to put the rock in the wheelbarrow and continued with his journey. A few hundred
meters further another rock blocked his path. Again, he decided to put the rock into the
wheelbarrow. The wheelbarrow became heavy, and this made his task more difficult than what was

Instead of just moving the rocks to the side and leaving it behind, he made a choice that made his
way more difficult than it needed to be.
In life we often carry burdens that we don’t need to. Things that happened in the past that we could
put aside and let go, but don’t often. This places an unnecessary weight on our mind. Sometimes
the past should be what it is. The past.

I have learnt to choose what to leave behind and what to carry forward. Leaving things behind does
not mean that we don’t care. It just means that we care more about the present than the past. It
gives me peace of mind; it could do the same for you also. L. Ortell

We are proudly to pronounce that we will have our yearly Interhouse Athletics on Friday the
of January 2023.
Students will participate in Javelin, Discus, Shotput, High Jump, 1200m, 800m, 400m, 200m, 100m
and Relay.
As you know, a lot of planning and helping goes into arranging this event. We would like to invite
parents to come and help us during Interhouse. We would also like to ask parents to assist us with
Gazebos or Beach umbrellas. Please contact Mr. Cronje if you can assist us.

Afrikaans Day:
We are excited for Afrikaans Day on Friday, 1 of February 2023. The thought behind the celebration
is to make Afrikaans fun for the learners as it is a compulsory subject from Grade R-12.
We want them to enjoy the day. Please ensure that they have a hat, sunscreen, cold water or tuck
shop money. They can be dressed in their PE uniform upon arrival at school. The opening and
closing times for Wednesday will remain the same.

Grade 12 Cake Sale:
This year Riverside College will be having monthly cake sales. Each month different classes will get
a chance to bring some delicious, sweet treats to school and sell them to the other learners and
staff members.
The cake sale will take place during the school day and all proceeds will go towards fundraising, so
we encourage all learners to participate whether they are buying or selling.

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