Newsletter – N3 27 January 23 JNR & SNR

Junior Newsletter

Dear Parents,

In assembly this week Teacher Cayla told us a wonderful story about how we choose to look at the world
and our lives. We can either look at the positive or only the negative aspects of our lives. It is sometimes
difficult to look at the positives, especially when things aren’t going our way. With so many things out of
our control (loadshedding being the most frustrating ) it’s hard to be positive or optimistic. That however
is the beauty of choice, we get to control how we react to the tough situations. If we can look on the bright
side of life we can always see hope, opportunity and gratitude shinning back at us.” You may not control
all the events that happen to you, but you can decide not to be reduced by them” -Maya Angelou
Miss Barton

Grade 1 News:

The Grade 1’s were hard at work this week. All of them are so excited and to learn and do homework
(I hope this enthusiasm and positive attitude towards homework continues for the rest of the term). It is
wonderful to see how much they want to participate and be heard. They have taken Teacher Cayla’s
message to heart and are all looking at the positive side of life.

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Senior Newsletter

Dear parents, 27 January 2023
On the banks of a river, there is a tree where a swarm of bees set up their beehive. They remain busy
the entire day buzzing on flowers and collecting honey. One fine day, a bee feels thirsty and goes to
the river to drink some water. As the bee tries to drink, a wave of the current sweeps it away. The bee
starts drowning.
Fortunately, a beautiful dove, who has been watching from a distance, rushes to help the poor bee.
She plucks a big leaf from a tree and flies towards the bee. The dove places the leaf near the bee.
The bee mounts on the leaf and dries its wings. In some time, the bee finds the strength to fly away
to safety. A couple of weeks later, the dove is caught in a dangerous situation. As she is sitting on the
branch of a tree, an archer targets at her. The dove looks for an escape but sees a large hawk
hovering around her. That’s when her good deed returns to her. The bee comes to her rescue by
stinging the archer hard. By then the archer releases the arrow, which misses the dove and hits the
hawk, instead. The dove flies away to safety.

Grade 12 Cake Sale:
This year Riverside College will be having monthly cake sales. Each month different classes will get
a chance to bring some delicious sweet treats to school and sell them to the other learners and staff
members. The cake sale will take place during the school day and all proceeds will go towards
fundraising, so we encourage all learners to participate whether they are buying or selling.

Welcome Braai:
We are looking forward to spending time with you at our Welcome Braai at Riverside College
Burgundy Estate on Friday the 3
rd of February between 6 & 9pm.
Our fire/coals will be ready from 5:30pm onwards and all you need to bring will be:
– Food to braai, rolls, salads, etc
– Drinks for yourself and your children
– Braai utensils
– Eating utensils
– Blanket or camp chairs\

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