Newsletter – N22 22 July22 JNR

Welcome back to all our learners, parents and teachers. We hope you all had a great holiday and a good rest. We have started Term 3 which means we are halfway through 2022! With this in mind, we should stay positive and not lose focus as we continue to give our best until the end of this year. Let us all be winners! May this term be a successful one for everybody.

Grade 6 news

The grade six class will be studying some interesting topics this term. In Natural Sciences, they will learn about electricity and work with simple electric circuits. They will also do research projects on some of South Africa’s greatest leaders, as well as finding out more about climates around the world. Apart from academics, I’m sure they are mostly looking forward to camp at the end of the term. All the best for term 3, boys and girls!

Nala Testing Feedback:

Feedback for grade 4 to grade 10 will commence from the 25th of July, the office will contact parents to set up appointments.
I look forward to these feedback sessions and to sharing with all of you the insights that we have gained through the process as well as how we are going to assist and support each one of our learners during the new term. [read more]

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