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Happiness comes from solving problems

If there is anything guaranteed in life, it would be problems. Problems are a constant in life, and they never stop, they merely get exchanged or upgraded to a bigger problem. Example, you have a health problem, you get a gym membership, but now your problem upgraded to having to wake up earlier, do a complete workout and then shower and get ready for work.

Happiness comes from solving problems. Happiness is a form of action; it is an activity. It does not magically appear when you make enough money.
Happiness is a constant work-in-progress; same as how solving problems are a constant work-in-progress. The solutions to today’s problems are in the foundations for tomorrow’s problems.

True happiness comes from finding problems you enjoy having and solving. Sometimes these problems are simple such as eating good food or winning the new video game you just bought. Other times these problems are complicated and somewhat abstract, such as fixing a relationship with a family member or finding a career you can feel good about.

Whatsoever the problem may be, the concept stays the same: Solve problems = be happy.
Adapted from the chapter Happiness is a problem by Mark Manson [read more]

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