Newsletter – N31 23 September 22 JNR & SNR

Junior Newsletter

Dear Parents,
This week the learners have been hard at work with their assessments. They have been trying their best
and they have been showing their parents and their teachers that all their hard work from this term has
paid off!

The Grade 000/00’s have been having lots of
fun in the last few weeks of school. Last week
we had such fun revising for our assessments
and learning all about our beautiful country. The learners also enjoyed every single moment of Pirate Day
last week. I am so proud of how far these little ones have come since the beginning of this term and I
cannot wait to see what the rest of the year brings.

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Senior Newsletter 

Dear Parents,
A Simple Hello…
I have always felt sympathy and compassion for the kids I see at school walking alone, for the ones that
sit in the back of the room while everyone snickers and makes fun of them. But I never did anything about
it. I figured that someone else would. I did not take the time to really think about the depth of their pain.
Then one day I thought, what is I did take a moment out of my busy schedule to simply say hello to
someone without a friend or stop and chat with someone eating by herself? And I did. It felt good to
brighten up someone else’s life. How did I know I did? Because I remembered the day a simple kind hello
changed my life forever. Katie. E Houston

Melony Branford – Sept 2022
For three years running, Melony has competed in Contemporary and Ballet SA at the IFFA. In every final,
she received a grade of above 90%. In October and November 2022, Melony will also take part in two
international competitions. We will have to wait until October for the exciting news, but she was also
selected as a Worldwide ambassador!

We are cordially inviting all parents to the Gala Prize Evening. Please
check out our facebook page for the invitation. Below are the details of the
Date: 20 October 2022
Time: 18:30
Place: Riverside College
Dress Code: Semi-Formal
Cost: R50 pp and R20 for non learner
Rsvp: 12 October 2022 –
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