Newsletter – Nr.28 – 17th of September 2021 – Juniors

We all know the story of the jar being filled with rocks, pebbles and sand. I believe it can teach us a valuable lesson. The story goes like this: a professor entered the classroom with a jar, rocks, pebbles and sand. With the students watching him, he filled the jar with rocks. He asked them if the jar was full and they all nodded. He added the pebbles and shook the jar which allowed the pebbles to go through the gaps in between the rocks. He asked them the same question and again they responded that the jar is full. He then poured the sand in the jar which filled all the tiny gaps between the rocks and pebbles.

He explained that this is how you should prioritise your life. The rocks are like your family, the pebbles are like your career and the sand is the least important or the unnecessary things. If you were to put the sand in the jar first, there would be no space for the rocks or pebbles.

You should decide what your priorities in life are and focus on these things rather than wasting your time and efforts on unnecessary things in life. Let’s put the rocks in our jars first and do the things that matter. Spend more time with your loved ones and take interest in each other’s lives and well-being. [read more]

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