Newsletter – Nr.29 – 22nd of September 2021 – Seniors

When it comes to patience, can’t we all use a little more of it?  I find I have patience with some people and situations, but not all. How patient are you?  I’ve heard it said that patience is a virtue. Why?

Patience is a virtue because it makes us better people. The definition of the word is to tolerate delay. This implies self-control and forbearance as opposed to wanting what we want when we want it. How many times have we jumped the gun and found out it would have been better to tolerate delay or had self-control? What did we miss out on? Did we hurt someone we love?

Patience reduces stress levels and results in better decision-making. The chances of making a big mistake lessen because you avoid making it in haste.  It also helps to develop understanding, empathy, and compassion. Patient people take the time to process what they go through and can determine what it takes to overcome obstacles.

How poor are they who have not patience! What wound did ever heal but by degrees? –Shakespeare [read more]

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